Twickenham Classes
Come along to our 'Award Winning' Music & Dance classes with Lisa. Check out class dates and book a place by clicking on 'Book Now.'


Twickenham 10am & 11am


Twickenham Library,

Garfield Rd, Twickenham


Alternative venue if any problems with the library:

The Royal Oak Pub, 13 Richmond Rd,


Charge: £7 (sibling£3) 

Age: 3mths - 5 yrs 

Duration: 40 mins


Twickenham Library - upstairs in the Arthur Burrells room. Leave your buggies downstairs if possible. There is a lift at the back of the library if you need it. 

The Royal Oak Pub- the pub is 5 mins walk from the library, next to the Shell Garage. Enter through the front doors and the room is upstairs. You can leave buggies downstairs in the seating area round the corner as no one will be there in the pub until later.

Coffee/ Teas/ snack brunch available to purchase in the pub after or before class just ask the staff. They have a kids menu and a brunch menu. You can sit down and relax for a natter! 

Class Update: 

Class due back on 10th Sept 2020.

Watch this space for a venue update.



Class Teacher

The Twickenham class teacher is Lisa!

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