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About us

Tiny Tunes provide preschool pay as you go music and dance classes in London, Middlesex, Surrey, Essex & Berkshire for 3 months to 5 year olds. We also provide Nursery sessions as well as Parties.

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Experiencing Tiny Tunes classes helps with your child’s self-esteem & self-confidence. Early music exposure can help promote critical listening skills, language & literacy, creativity & coordination in the future. Dancing can be simply moving to a beat and does not have to involve complex routines! This in turn will help develop coordination, balance, flexibility & strength.

Singing & dancing together can become a form of expression when they can’t yet talk. It is a joyful & relaxing experience that will enhance the bond & attachment you and your little one share together, so why not give it a go! Check out how to book a class here. 

Events & Workshops

We hold our classes through out the year in various venues. We also run sessions in Nurseries as well as running parties! Get in touch if you would like us to entertain your little ones!


Class Enquiries:

T: 07977 585020

Party Enquiries

T:07977 585020

Nursery Enquiries:

T:07977 585020

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