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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to book?

Yes, all you need to do is to go to our Classes page and book. 


How do I book?

Click on the Classes page then pick a location you would like to attend. Click on the correct option, see below:


*Child = 1 ticket (1 Child)
*Child plus Sibling = 1 ticket ( 2 children)
*Extra siblings = 1 ticket per child 

Book 10 sessions by buying a plan at a discounted price. This can be booked when paying for one session then go in and book each class you can make.


How does the plan work?

The plan provides you with discounted sessions that can be easily cancelled and rescheduled from your member's page. If a class is cancelled then it is automatically credited back onto your plan. After booking the plan you will need to go in and book the rest of your session. 


Can I pay for a block of classes instead of just an individual one?

Yes it is cheaper to buy a plan of 10 at a discounted rate. Once you have bought the plan then you can book your classes. 


What are the benefits of downloading the Booking App?

The app can be downloaded from the classes page. You can review the whole week's timetable easily, be added on to the waiting list, manage your bookings easily, reschedule or cancel. You can easily message and chat with Tiny Tunes directly.


What safety guidelines have been put in place against Covid 19?

Tiny Tunes follows the ’Government Guidelines’ below when running Music & Dance classes in Covid 19 conditions.

Covid 19 Tiny Tunes Guidelines here.

What happens in a complete Lockdown situation?

We will transfer to Online Classes.

What do the classes involve?

Tiny Tunes main aim is to bring fun, happiness and laughter to each child that takes part in our classes. Each class is specifically structured and varies each week to help each child's self esteem and self-confidence.


Hide under a parachute, wave the pom poms, shake the maracas, dance with bubbles, sing along and meet our very own  Mr Tiny. As well as the all time favourite rhymes and songs helping speech development, Tiny Tunes gets the little ones dancing to some of the well known pop classics which in turn can help their balance & flexibility. Come along and try our fab Tiny Tunes classes out! See our class videos here. 



Are the classes mixed ages and can siblings join the class?

All our classes are mixed ages 3mths - 5yrs. Tiny Tunes love siblings joining in ....our classes start from 3 months - 5 years but if your child is older or younger, by all means, bring them along!



What do I need to bring / wear?

There is no need to bring anything, all equipment is provided. Your little one can also wear whatever they like but obviously comfortable clothes makes it more enjoyable. 


Are there mixed ages in the classes?

All our classes are mixed ages (3mths-5yrs) and we find that the mix works well. It also means that parents can bring all their children to the same class. 



Can you come for a trial?

We do not do free trials but by all means, come along for one class and see how you get on. The beauty of the classes are that you do not need to book a terms worth you can pay per session for each . So there is no commitment. 



How long are the classes?

The classes are all 40 minutes long. Make sure you turn up 10 minutes beforehand. 


Can babies relate to the classes too?

Exposing your little one at a young age to music and visual stimulation helps with their development. Early music exposure can help promote critical listening skills, language & literacy, creativity & coordination in the future.

Dancing can be simply moving to a beat and does not have to involve complex routines! This, in turn, will help develop coordination, balance, flexibility & strength.



Can my special needs child attend?

 Yes of course we welcome all children. 



Does it matter that I have an over energetic child?

At Tiny Tunes we are use to many different types of children from over excited to shy. Our teachers are all experienced in keeping the attention of the children. If you have a child that does not sit down that is absolutely fine too. Tiny Tunes believes that children should be able to freely express themselves.



Do you run classes in the holidays?

We run classes in term time as well as running holiday classes. Refer to the class page for holiday class info. 


Do you run parties?

Yes, we do. Click on our 'Parties' page here. Tiny Tunes run parties every weekend and during the week and have become very popular. Get in contact asap if you would like to book.



How do I download the Tiny Tunes Music Album?

Click here on our shop page and it will give you directions on how to download our album on Itunes.



How do I buy a Mr Tiny ?

Click on our shop page and you can order one and pay online and get it delivered to your door or in class.



How do I join the Tiny Tunes team?

If you think you are the right fit to join our fab team then get in touch. Click here for more info on our  'Join the Team 'page.

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