Covid 19 Class Guidelines

Tiny Tunes will be following the ’Government Guidelines’ when running Music & Dance classes due to the current situation.



-  Emails and phone numbers are taken when the customer books online beforehand therefore allowing Tiny Tunes to help support ‘’Track and Trace’’ if enabled.

- Anyone who is unwell or who shows symptoms of Covid-19 (high

temperature/fever, cough or loss of smell and/or taste), who is in the extremely vulnerable group/ shielding/ isolating or is unwell must not enter the venue.

-Tiny Tunes request all adults and over 11s to wear a mask during the class. This may vary between venues. If a face covering is not used for medical or other reasons, when coughing or sneezing please cover the mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve .


-One parent/carer per child to supervise their child. Adults need to follow social distancing guidelines where possible in the class. We understand children may not be able to follow the rules.


-Chairs or mats will be placed where the adult needs to sit with their child to watch the class.

-Clean equipment will be placed on each chair / mat.

Customers are advised to use their bathroom facilities at home before coming to the class if possible.


-Customers advised to bring minimal amount of items necessary into the premises. Leave behind any toys /teddies etc, excess items e.g. prams / coats etc.


-Customers have the option to bring their own shakers and scarves if they prefer for their little ones.


-  All used equipment will be cleaned after each class.

-  We will provide hand sanitiser and encourage customers to use the sanitiser at the start and end of the class.

-  Windows will be opened where possible to allow ventilation and sufficient circulation.

-  Everyone is encouraged to avoid touching their mouth, eyes, and nose. Tissues should be disposed of into a bin, then hands cleaned.

-Tiny Tunes will make each activity as safe and hygienic as possible but if a customer wishes to opt out certain activities then please do so.


-Depending on the venue look out for indications of two separate entry and exit doors.


-Try to encourage your child not to touch surfaces e.g. tables / handles/ doors but understand this may be difficult.

-Try and keep a distance from the teacher who will have a designated spot at the front of the class.


-Mr Tiny will not be able to give you all a hug but will definitely be out to say hello!

-Anti-bacterial spray /wipes / cloths will be used to wipe down surfaces before and after the class.

If you have any concerns or questions then please speak to your class teacher directly. This is a learning process for all of us so any feedback is appreciated while we try and make our classes as fun and safe as possible!












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