Covid 19 Class Guidelines after 19th July 2021

Tiny Tunes will still be following certain Covid Guidelines even though the Government have lifted restrictions. 


-  Tiny Tunes recommend all adults to wear a mask if they can not socially distance themselves. Masks can be removed while seated.


-Emails and phone numbers will still be taken when the customer books online allowing Tiny Tunes to help support ‘’Track and Trace’’ if required.

- Anyone who is unwell or who shows symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature/fever, cough or loss of smell and/or taste), who is in the extremely vulnerable group/ shielding/ isolating or is unwell must not enter the venue.


-Chairs or mats will still be placed where the adult needs to sit with their child to watch the class.


-  All used equipment will be cleaned after each class.

-  We will still provide hand sanitiser and encourage customers to use the sanitiser at the start and end of the class.

-  Windows will be opened where possible to allow ventilation and sufficient circulation.

-Mr Tiny will still not be able to give you all a hug but will definitely be out to say hello!

-Anti-bacterial spray /wipes / cloths will stil be used to wipe down surfaces before and after the class.

If you have any concerns or questions then please speak to your class teacher directly.  Feedback is appreciated while we remain to make our classes as fun and safe as possible!